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How Many Channels Does Your Security

DVR System Need?


When shopping for a security DVR system, whether for your home or for your business security needs, you are going to hear a lot of discussion about channels. The meaning of the word channels in video surveillance lingo is slightly different from the meaning of the word in other forms of media. You need to have a complete understanding of what channels means in regards to a video surveillance system before you purchase your security DVR as channels play an integral role in the size of your system. I want to teach you about channels in this blog, so that you’ll be able to pick the perfect system with the right amount of channels for your security needs.

Q: What does “channels” mean in video

surveillance lingo?

A: “Channels” in video surveillance lingo mean the amount of cameras your security DVR system can support. Simply put, if your security DVR system has four channels, it can support four surveillance cameras. Eight channels can support eight cameras, and so on. If you’ve seen a commercial video surveillance system, whether live or represented on TV, you’ve seen numbered cameras feeding into channel numbers. This is what channels are in video surveillance.

Q: How many channels can a security

DVR system support?

A: Standalone DVR security systems can support anywhere between four and 32 channels, i.e., four and 32 cameras. How many channels you need depends upon the amount of area you need secured. The larger the area, the more coverage you’ll need, which translates into the more cameras you’ll need. You’ll naturally need enough channels in which to feed the video surveillance of each camera through, so the more cameras, the more channels.

Q: What’s the difference in the amount

of channels?

A: The difference in the amount of channels is the difference in the amount of cameras the DVR system supports, and the amount of coverage or variety of camera angles your system will provide. For example, if you were securing the perimeter of your home, a four-channel system with cameras on each corner of your house would most likely suffice. A warehouse with numerous aisles of inventory will require far more channels to support more cameras. You’d want each aisle under surveillance to ensure your staff isn’t stealing inventory.

Q: What is the benefit of having more?

A: The benefit of having more channels in your DVR security system is the ability to support more security cameras. If you have a 32-channel DVR system, you can hook up 32 security cameras from which you can monitor all activity on your property. Think about a casino, for example. Every table in the casino is constantly under surveillance by the casino’s security staff. Therefore, a casino would need the maximum amount of channels the DVR system can provide so it can hook up the maximum amount of cameras into the surveillance system so every table is under surveillance.

Q: How Many Channels Do I Need for

My DVR Security System?

A: There is no general answer to this question. Every person’s security surveillance needs varies whether it’s for their home, business, or other location. How many channels you’ll need for your standalone DVR surveillance system will depend upon the size and layout of area you are securing, the types of cameras you wish to purchase, and your security budget. Each security need warrants a different surveillance system, which is why security DVR systems require tailoring to individual needs. Please contact us directly to discuss your DVR surveillance system needs so we can work together to understand exactly how many channels your system will require.

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